We helped Rudy and Vanessa understand SSDI and get benefits

We helped Rudy and Vanessa understand SSDI and get benefits

Posted by Derek Cervoni on Aug 9, 2016 1:36:35 PM

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“My back injury was severe and my doctor does not believe that I will ever be able to do construction work again,” Rudy told us when he called to learn more about Social Security Disability Insurance. “My right arm and wrist can hardly move anymore,” said Vanessa. “My doctor says I have carpal tunnel syndrome that may or may not get better with many months of therapy. I don’t have enough sick leave to cover all that time,” she explained wanting to know if she was eligible to receive SSDI benefits.

…how we helped Rudy and Vanessa

We helped Rudy and Vanessa by explaining how the Social Security Administration determines eligibility for SSDI benefits. We told them that SSA considers how much, if any, work the applicants are capable of performing. SSA uses the term “substantial gainful activity” (SGA) which describes their level of work and how much they earn by doing that work. In Rudy’s case, SSA would consider if he was still able to engage in the rigorous physical activity that construction work requires, or if he is capable of other less strenuous work activity.  In Vanessa’s case, SSA would determine if her orthopedic condition prevents her from performing her clerical duties or other work activity.

"We can help you get through the application process when you seek eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits."

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We helped Rudy and Vanessa apply for and obtain SSDI benefits. SSA determined that because of their respective injuries, both Rudy and Vanessa are eligible for SSDI benefits. However, Rudy’s injuries were more long-term and despite physical therapy, he could no longer do the work required on a construction site or any other work activity.  On the other hand, Vanessa’s injuries took her out of work for 14 months before she was approved for SSDI benefits, and then due to improvement after that point, she began her 9 month Trial Work Period to test her ability to return to work. 

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